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Survive and Thrive through Exponential Change
"Who do you need to become to master the Fourth Industrial Revolution?"

Peter Scott is an author, speaker, and consultant helping individuals and organizations understand and deal with the impact of technological disruption, principally artificial intelligence.

He has spoken to an incredibly diverse set of groups in the US, UK, and Canada. From accountants to New Age speakers, and from high schools to retirees, all have been fascinated to hear about our volatile future with artificial intelligence.

Peter has given presentations ranging from 10 minutes to 5 days, including university extension courses. He and his associates can help you understand what's happening with AI and develop your personal or organizational plan to navigate disruption.

Crisis of Control

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The first book in the Human Cusp series is now available: Crisis of Control: How Artificial Superintelligences May Save or Destroy the Human Race is… a long enough title that I feel compelled to end the sentence already :-). It’s my attempt to bring the issues of existential risk stemming from exponential technology growth to a mainstream consciousness, to make the issues digestible, engaging, and broad enough to provide a complete picture.

How to Order

The human race is caught in the crosshairs of twin threats stemming from exponential advances in technology: easy access to weapons of mass destruction by terrorists, and the development of artificial intelligences that could take over our infrastructure. In Crisis of Control, Peter Scott lays out the stark choices and consequences facing us in clear, provocative, and sometimes humorous language. This book is for those with the courage to face unpleasant facts head-on: the stakes could not be higher. Yet there is hope, and Scott shows a path that might lead us through the crucible to a future of limitless promise.

“... a well written and an easy to follow book. It addresses the most important problem faced by humanity, namely, how artificial superintelligence will impact the human race and how it can be controlled... Describes a number of interesting options worthy of consideration.” – Roman Yampolskiy, Author of Artificial Superintelligence: A Futuristic Approach.


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ON THE TEDx stage

On Saturday, November 3, 2018, I was back on the TEDx stage in Richmond, British Columbia.

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Association of Transformational Leaders 

In September 2018, I was a guest speaker at the Association of Transformational Leaders in Studio City, California. 

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